Shazday Fruits is a new venture in Pakistan’s age old culture and heritage. From the lush green valleys of the Karakoram, we are bringing purely organic and wild fruit and fruit derivatives to the world. The area of Gilgit Baltistan is the birthplace of the apricot tree and is intertwined with the culture of the Baltistani people.

Shazday’s products are very unique. We have been able to fuse latest fruit processing technology and time tested natural way of growing fruits. Our produce is grown in the wild instead of orchards, and is not exposed to any pesticides or fertilizers produced inorganically.

We are a team driven by a strong set of values and principles. All these values provide the necessary foundation to our business.

  1. Sustainability: We believe that all good things should thrive and provide benefit to those around them, very much like the proverbial tree. We actively work towards preserving the ecological balance of the area we work in. We also ensure our farming community is the direct beneficiary of our work. We are also intentional towards ensuring our suppliers, customers and consumers benefit and support our sustainability agenda.
  2. Innovation: We are in the constant pursuit of finding newer and better solutions to problems. Keeping sustainability in mind, we are fast to adopt new technology to be more efficient. We constantly invest in research and development, in areas pertaining to agriculture, sustainability and ecological preservation.
  3. Mutuality: Taking cue from the beauty of nature, we believe that the only benefit is the one that is shared. We believe our suppliers, customers, consumers, shareholders, employees and farmers are all in it together, and we ensure all benefit is shared.
  4. Quality: We are proud of working with the best quality fruit. We ensure that the quality is maintained across the entire supply chain right till our consumers bite into it. This is only possible if we consider quality is the most important parameter in everything we do.


Halman Chuli Yellowish Orange Halman is the queen apricot, its big size, bright yellow colour with an occasional pink blush and extremely sweet taste makes it the perfect apricot to be eaten fresh. Locally it is dried because then the sweet kernel also becomes available for use.
Wafu Chuli Yellowish Orange Wafu shares the same physical characteristics as Halman except for sweetness, this makes it an ideal variety for drying. The kernel is also sweet, best to be eaten whole, or as a nut butter
Kho Chuli White Orange The Kho variety is eaten both fresh and dried because of its sweetness and colour. However because of a bitter kernel, this variety is used to extract apricot kernel oil which is a very good source of Vitamin E


Apricots are a stone fruit that normally grow as round bushy trees 4-5 m high. Flower buds form on 1 year old shoots and initiation occurs in late summer. Bud burst is in early spring with fruit ripening in early to mid-summer.

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Shazday’s co-founders are passionate individuals who believe positive change is possible by going back to basics. The team is striving hard to bring out the true potential of agriculture through the use of technology and great business management.


There are more than 1.2 million apricot trees in Gilgit-Baltistan. If you want to adopt one, we can help you do it. Just get in touch!


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